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Jul 14 '12

TRIGGER WARNING: Rape/Sexual Assault

Screenshot taken from in case it’s been deleted since. Keith Chegwin, a comedian I’ve liked & followed since I was a small boy, back when he did Cheggers Plays Pop, posted this. 

I picked him up on this, as you can see in the initial screenshot, and he replied with the DMs you see in the second shot. The text in case you can’t see it properly is thus: 

1st DM: “Why on earth are u following me - Cheers up”

2nd DM: “Apologies if I’ve upset you - no one else has complained. I would suggest if you’re easily offended - unfollow.”

[Edit] - thought it might be pertinent to include my replies to Keith. Since he doesn’t follow me I couldn’t DM him back & thus have everything in one nice little shot, but the 3rd pic contains my tweets to him.

Dan Abel points out that the initial joke *could* have been a case of no more than “Trainer & I got kinky, & I got banned from the gym”, but since I pointed out to Keith the possible sexual assault connotation right from the start, and that that was why the joke wasn’t funny, Keith made absolutely no attempt to deny that the joke was about sexual assault. He just made the issue about me being easily offended.

So, my childhood hero is, to coin a phrase from Zoe Stavri, a weeping syphilitic chode of a rape apologist. He’s blocked me on Twitter when I linked for him Johnny Marbles’s post explaining why he doesn’t make rape jokes any more. Rather than modify his behaviour, he appears to be unrepentant.